Using the latest GDAL with R packages on macOS - redux

As an update to an earlier post, here’s how to use the latest versions of GDAL/PROJ with R spatial packages. Install GDAL brew install pkg-config brew install gdal (Re)install R spatial packages Next, we need to install a few packages from source in order to use the new GDAL libraries:

Yes, The Queen is listed as an 'author' on our R packages

Just noticed the Queen is listed as an author in this (and probably other) R packages https://t.co/ehCb3uHjpx #rstats pic.twitter.com/KRKKQvlGX4 — David Smith (`@revodavid`) September 7, 2017 A number of people have been surprised to learn that Her Majesty the Queen is listed as an author on a number of our packages.

Using the latest GDAL with R packages on macOS

UPDATE: see more recent version of this post here. I wanted to play around with the new sf package, which requires the latest GDAL (>= 2.0.0), GEOS (>= 3.3.0), and PROJ.

meow: the most anticipated R package of 2015

In preparing a presentation on developing R packages using RStudio for the Victoria R Users Meetup Group this month, organizer Kiri Whan and I put together a very simple demo R package.

Installing rgdal on OSX

This is actually really easy to do, but most of the google hits I came across were old (from 2010) or horribly complex (building gdal and proj4 from source then building rgdal itself).

Constructing Pedigrees in R

I was looking for a good way to draw pedigrees using software, without having to fuss drawing them “by hand” using a drawing program. Lo and behold, I came across a few different packages in R that allow me to do just that!

Exploring Population Dynamics Models using a GUI for R

Backstory I recently taught a senior-level population dynamics course, and had to decide how best to get my students to be able to play around with the various models we were exploring in class.