list of abbreviated journal names

As a followup to my previous post, I wrote a script to generate the master list of journal names and their abbreviations from Web of Science.

The script is designed to be used in conjunction with the previous one, and is also written in perl (which I’m still learning) and can be downloaded here or viewed here. Improvements and suggestions welcome.

At the bottom of the script is a list of my custom journal names and abbreviations. Feel free to adjust the script to suit your needs.

To run the script:

  • save it to the jabbrev directory;

  • open a terminal and type:

    cd path/to/jabbrev
    mv getJlist.txt
    chmod a+x

The script replaces the masterlist.txt file with one containing the recently downloaded list of journals. Alternatively, just download the masterlist.txt file directly. Because this master list is pretty big (~3.7 MB), you’ll want to extract only those journals that are in your Mendeley database. To do this,  run ( see previous post).

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