Habitat Connectivity

We have reimplemented and updated the `grainscape` R package for landscape connectivity, habitat, and protected area network analyses.

`SpaDES`: Spatial Discrete Event Simulation

A collection of R packages for implementing a variety of event-based models, with a focus on spatially explicit models.

Boreal forest ecosystem forecasts

We are integrating various simulation models dealing with forest vegetation dynamics, fire, insect disturbance, and wildlife populations, to inform decision making in these management areas.

Simulating mountain pine beetle eastward spread

The continued eastward spread of mountain pine beetle (*Dendroctonus ponderosae* Hopk.; MPB) now threatens the boreal forests of eastern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and beyond. Predicting the outbreak and spread dynamics of this insect in jack pine, and to evaluate control measures to mitigate a potentially devastating loss of forest habitat and timber supply requires not only a complex understanding of the various inputs to this system and their interactions (e.g., MPB population dynamics, climate impacts, landscape features) but also the technical capacity to run large-scale spatial simulation models, and to update them quickly as new data are acquired and new models are developed. ...

Evolution of omnivory in a community context

We developed an evolutionary simulation model to consider the feeding strategies (broadly classified as three feeding types: herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores) of a community of individuals and explore how the intrinsic properties of these foragers and extrinsic characteristics of their environment determine the prevalence of omnivores and other feeding types.