The mpg class



The minimum planar graph as class igraph.


The input patch raster with patch cells assigned to their id (RasterLayer).


The Voronoi tessellation of the patches and resistance surface (RasterLayer).


The paths of the links between patches and their accumulated costs (RasterLayer).


The paths of the links between patches and their id (RasterLayer).


A RasterLayer version of the mpg, which can be easily plotted to visualize the MPG. The mpg slot contains useful vertex and edge attributes. Vertex attributes give attributes of patches including patch area, the area of patch edges, the core area of each patch, and the coordinates of the patch centroid. All areal measurements are given as raster cell counts. Edge attributes give attributes of the graph links including link weights giving accumulated resistance/least-cost path distance, Euclidean distance, and the start and end coordinates of each link.