Efficient Modelling of Landscape Connectivity, Habitat, and Protected Area Networks

Given a landscape resistance surface, creates grains of connectivity and minimum planar graph models that can be used to calculate effective distances for landscape connectivity at multiple scales. This is a cross-platform reimplementation and update of the grainscape package (http://grainscape.r-forge.r-project.org).


  1. Install development libraries: building packages from source requires the appropriate development libraries for your operating system.

    • Windows: install Rtools.

    • macOS: install Xcode commandline tools from the terminal: xcode-select install.

    • Debian/Ubuntu Linux: ensure r-base-dev is installed.

    See here for more details.

  2. Install from GitHub:


Reporting bugs

Contact us via the package GitHub site: https://github.com/achubaty/grainscape/issues.